What is the coefficient of the vegetable cutter

April 8, 2024
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Someone may wonder, what is the safety factor of the vegetable cutter? The main design is the automatic power-off protection device, that is, in the process of machine operation, if an external situation occurs, such as the workers illegally open the knife protection door in the working state, the machine will automatically stop working. Now, let's talk about the large-scale vegetable cutter manufacturer.

Belt cleaning:

Any machine and equipment will face the process of cleaning and cleaning. Take the vegetable cutting machine as an example. The conveyor belt of the ordinary vegetable cutting machine is mainly used to transport leafy vegetables. In the process of batch processing and production, there will certainly be residues at the edge and bottom of the conveyor belt. However, this multi-functional vegetable cutting machine does not have the function of rapid disassembly and cleaning, so it can only be cleaned with a brush. The main reason is that, The machine hardware and circuit design are not separated.

Machine waterproof grade:

Due to the structural design problem of the conveyor belt leaf stem, the waterproof level of the machine will naturally be reduced, and any machine will have a consistent response. The design defect in a certain place will affect the second half of the process. Although the waterproof level is reduced, if a small batch of processing is put into production, it is basically not affected. Xiao Bian gives a suggestion to the person using the ordinary vegetable cutter. After use, it must be cleaned in time, And the cleaning should be as clean as possible, remember the conveyor belt.

It was actually caused by a design defect, but it can still be used after maintenance. Therefore, based on this, the small plaited vegetable cutting machine has developed an intelligent vegetable cutting machine. This machine has been greatly improved both in structure and in operation. The vegetable cutting machine uses a numerical control visual control system, and it can complete the cutting size by one key setting on the screen.

In terms of waterproof level, it is also highly improved. After use, it can be directly cleaned with a water gun. Any machine can only solve the problem if it finds a problem. More relevant content will come to our website https://www.sfxjxbj.com Ask about it.