Introduction to the use and cleaning methods of large meat cutting machine

April 8, 2024
Latest company news about Introduction to the use and cleaning methods of large meat cutting machine

With the rapid development of the food industry, meat cutters have been widely used. Do you know how to use and clean large meat cutters?

How to use the large meat cutter:

Before using the meat slicer, please clean the meat slicer with warm water, and do not wet the motor. When using the slicer, first turn on the motor to see if the rotation direction of the blade is correct. If the meat cutter reverses, correct it immediately. After use, first turn off the power of the meat cutter, remove the removable parts, wash them with hot water, and then install them. The price of the small meat cutter is low. Turn on the empty machine to drain water, and then apply edible oil. When shredded meat needs to be cut, cut the meat into pieces first, and then cut the meat horizontally with a knife.

Cleaning of large meat cutter:

The cleaning of the meat cutter depends on the material of your meat cutter. If your meat cutter is made of stainless steel, you can wash it with water. Before cleaning, remove the blade of the meat cutter and scratch it in the morning. After cleaning, blow dry before use so as to better ensure that the cleaning is in place.

In fact, all types of meat cutters have the same structure, which has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and health, and good meat cutting effect. You can come to our website if you need consulting service