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First automatic protein popcorn machine was born!

June 27, 2020

Latest company news about First automatic protein popcorn machine was born!

Many people agree that the taste of popcorn at a movie theater is one of the things that can affect consumer satisfaction.Today, popcorn is no longer the exclusive preserve of movie theaters. Consumers can buy more variety and flavor of ready-to-eat popcorn to enjoy movies.However, although the taste and nutrition of popcorn are constantly innovating, due to the increasing homogeneity of the market, innovation from other perspectives has become the key to win.

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A company based in Qingdao, China, has started with a protein popcorn machine in the functional area.The special feature of this popcorn machine is that it can produce 10 grams of protein per serving. It is a kind of air-puffed-popcorn, and its non-GMO, whole-grain and low-fat features have won the attention and favor of the consumer market. It can be said that this innovative product is a breakthrough.


Similar to traditional popcorn, the production process of protein popcorn also includes blasting, drying, stirring, cooling and other steps, requiring the use of blender, boiler, packaging machine and other mechanical equipment.Protein popcorn is functional and more nutritious, so it's safe to eat.Once upon a time, popcorn was usually made on the street without modern processing equipment, using an old converter, which has become a childhood memory for many people.


Old converter has a certain hazard to food safety, because its equipment raw materials contain lead, after high temperature will melt a certain amount of lead, and some of the lead will become steam and smoke, not only damage to food and pollution of the environment.Until now, the industrial production of popcorn is much safer, the general processing equipment are made of stainless steel or in line with the national food grade materials, put an end to the food in the process of production and processing and equipment contact and safety problems.It can be seen that modern food processing machinery and equipment are guaranteed in terms of safety.

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The mixing of popcorn requires the use of a stirring pot. There are a variety of stirring POTS on the market, among which the planetary stirring POTS are favored by users due to their multiple advantages.In the face of the unpredictable consumer market, manufacturers are constantly using more automated, technological, high-quality, multi-performance products to attract customers.For example, the planet stirring wok manufactured by Macon Mechanical and Electrical co., LTD., with automatic discharging system and full circuit control, embodies its advantages of high automation and convenient operation.In addition, the stirring pot also has a scraping bottom stirring system, which solves the problem of high viscosity material nutrient composition being easily destroyed in some equipment.

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