Bubble cleaning machine, vegetables, shellfish products multi-purpose cleaning tool

March 13, 2024
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With the continuous development of the modern food processing industry, the requirements for production equipment are becoming higher and higher. The following will introduce the manufacturing process of high-precision food machinery production and its advantages in food processing. Among them, the foam cleaning machine has a wide range of applications in the food industry plays an important role.
I. Introduction to the manufacturing process
1, the design phase: First of all, we need to design according to the needs and requirements of customers, including determining the size, structure, function and so on. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the operating process and maintenance of the equipment.
2, material selection: according to the use of the equipment environment and performance requirements, select the appropriate materials and parts. For example, for bubble cleaning machines, it is usually possible to use 0 steel as the main component of the tree material to ensure its corrosion resistance and title stability. In addition, it is necessary to select high-quality seals and bearings and other accessories to ensure the reliability of the machine operation.
3, manufacturing process: according to the design drawings and requirements, through a series of process steps such as machining, welding, installation 郚, to complete the production of equipment. In the manufacturing process, strict quality control is required to ensure that the quality of each part meets the standard
Second, the advantages of bubble cleaning machine
1. Efficient cleaning: The impact force of the bubble formed by the mixture of high pressure water and air is used to apply the impact force to the cleaning items
Through high-speed air flow, dirt and impurities attached to the surface of the material can be quickly removed to improve the cleaning effect.

2. Low energy consumption: Compared with the traditional immersion cleaning method, the bubble cleaning machine has the functional characteristics of the immersion cleaning machine and higher cleaning efficiency, while also reducing energy consumption. It is of great significance to save cost and improve production efficiency.
3, it can be said that the economy is strong: because the bubble cleaning machine can be applied according to different material fields. The bubble cleaning needs are adjusted and controlled so that the production needs of different types of food can be met. For example, for fruit and vegetable products, a finer cleaning effect can be achieved by changing the strength and flow of the air stream.
4, safe and reliable: bubble cleaning machine is an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning machine, using advanced automation control and intelligent technology, can achieve unattended operation mode, reduce manual intervention, improve the safety and stability of the equipment.